Crossbow Simulation Model Toy

Crossbow Simulation Model Toy – $24.99

Crossbow Simulation Model Toy

2017 New CZYY DIY Cotton Bud Crossbow Simulation Model Toy,
1.The Smallest of the crossbow DIY Toys, Top Children’s Kid’s Toy Crossbow Dart Play Set.
2.Product assembly tool.
3.When you receive the product, please check all the accessories are complete.
4.plz check you buy from CZYY-Store, the product sold by other sellers may be DIFFERENT.
5.Recommended for Ages 6+ and Up.
6.Playing a cockroach is very fun, mini toys in the boutique.
7.A small crossbow is just a toy, not bird cannot play the wild boar.
8.Handmade, all stainless steel design, launch a toothpick, trigger, higher precision.
9.Range: 10-15 meters.
10.power: breakdown cans close, can easily breakdown carton.
11.crossbow string is expendable, not warranty, you can buy a few extra pro.Check it Out

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