Legit Camping - Double Hammock

Legit Camping – Double Hammock – $35.00

Legit Camping – Double Hammock

Jungle Hammock with Mosquito Net and Tree Straps – Protection from Bugs while in the Woods – Lightweight, Tear Resistant Parachute Nylon – Made for Hammock Camping Go Legit Or Go Home

Have you had it up to here with compact outdoors lofts that aren’t in reality extremely convenient?

Have you attempted to setup a loft just to discover the straps were excluded or the ropes were at that point fraying?

At that point it’s an ideal opportunity to resign your raggedy old loft and begin outdoors the Legit way!

Take It Anywhere: Whether you’re prepared for a romping decent time at a celebration or a tranquil night on an unblemished shoreline, our parachute loft can go anyplace you go. Simply stuff it in its unique sack and be en route. For whatever length of time that the climate’s soothing, who needs cushions or tents?

A lot of Room for Two: With some twofold lofts, it can be an activity in levitation and disappointment only for you two to get settled. Not so with our twofold travel loft evaluated at a 400-pound limit. What’s more, when we say agreeable, we mean agreeable.

Extreme Enough To Take It: We understand will need to take your loft on a wide range of astonishing experiences, so we fabricated it on account of that. You’ll see that in addition to the fact that it is ultra-light, however it’s solid and sufficiently tough to outlive any condition. The included nylon straps securely wrap around most trees, and the steel carabiners guarantee that you don’t have any midnight shocks.

The Legit Lifetime Warranty: Your loft accompanies our Legit Camping Lifetime Warranty; in the event that you don’t care for it, simply let us know and get a provoke discount. In the event that anything turns out badly down the line, we’ll be here to substitute it for you – no charge.

What? You’ve never felt the breeze as you delicately swing in your Legit Camping Portable Hammock? All things considered, now’s your possibility.

Exploit Our Whopping Volume Discounts: Check the promo area on this page (look above) for the most recent arrangements, add your lofts to your truck, and begin swinging!

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