Swiftpoint Laptop Mouse – $199.98

Swiftpoint Laptop Mouse– HÜD (rhymes with “”mood””)The Swiftpoint Mouse will change the way you use your laptop forever. It is small, wireless and goes wherever you go. It works anywhere your laptop works because you use the Swiftpoint mouse on the palmrest next to your laptop’s touchpad, or on a desk surface like a traditional mouse. The Swiftpoint micro USB receiver provides wireless operation and charges the mouse. It also docks the Swiftpoint mouse magnetically, securing it directly to the laptop so when you move you only carry one thing. Remove term: Swiftpoint Laptop Mouse – Fully charged the battery lasts for as long as 2-4 weeks. But if the battery goes flat, a 30-second rapid charge gives you another hour of use. Studies show the Swiftpoint mouse design is 30-40% more accurate than a touchpad* and provides precision operation, anywhere. It glides smoothly over the surface of your laptop’s palmrest so you can work quickly and efficiently in places you once thought impractical. The Swiftpoint mouse is so accurate it can be used for precision applications such as graphic design and gaming. With a comfortable pen-like grip, the Swiftpoint mouse does away with hand cramps commonly experienced with small mice. It points and clicks like a traditional mouse and its easy-to-use scroll wheel helps you navigate through documents quickly, or zoom in for a closer look. When it’s time to type, you can park the mouse between your hands. It will stay out of the way until you need it again thanks to the magnetic parking space. * To read more about this research, visit the News page on our website.
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