Whiskey Sipping Stones- Set of 6

Whiskey Sipping Stones- Set of 6 – $12.99

Whiskey Sipping Stones- Set of 6

Whiskey Sipping Stones- Set of 6- Premium Granite Drink Rocks Perfect for Whiskey and Other Beverages- Chills Without Dilution- Velvet Bag and Wooden Box Included- theGOODlife Bourbon STONES by theGOODlife-The cutting edge approach to chill

Expert of fine refined spirits or not, these minimized, multi-reason chillers are the highest quality level for aficionados all over the place. Use with your Bourbon, Rum, Tequila, Brandy, Vodka , Wine or some other drink to incorporate the greater part of their extraordinary qualities, free of weakening. Ice tends to over-chill and weaken your alcohol or wines tastes, though our chillers protect the taste by keeping it at the favored temperature. This is refined by giving a slight chill-in the vicinity of 8 and 15 degrees-that will ensure the taste without harming the quality. Our set, accompanying 6 high quality rock stones, you will have enough to share at your next get-together where we’re certain this will be one interesting friendly exchange. We settle our stones in a recolored hand-made wooden blessing box and furthermore incorporate a free velvet pocket for cooler stockpiling comfort. It shows wonderful craftsmanship and would make an awesome improvement piece. Rock holds its chill longer than other stone utilized for chillers and is respected safe by the FDA for utilize. You can be guaranteed that do our stones look extraordinary, as well as they perform!

Benefits Recap:

**Will never dilute your beverages. Consummate particularly for those hot summer days.

**Beautiful discussion piece and adornment for any kitchen or home bar. Inspire your visitor!

**Save cash on ice.

**Protect your most costly wines and alcohols.

**Non-permeable, non-dangerous, FDA affirmed, sans bpa, smell free and bland. Cleaned edges ensure your glass.

**Makes a flawless father’s day blessing, wedding presents for groomsmen, and considerably more!


I. Wash refreshment shakes and place in cooler with cooler safe pocket (included).

II. Let chill until super cold.

III. Put 2-3 in glass and pour in sufficiently only to cover stones.

IV. Whenever completed, just flush with water, dry, and place back in cooler or stow away in box (included).
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